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5 interesting facts about Car Air Conditioning

We live surrounded by air conditioning – in shopping malls, movie theatres, office buildings, our homes and of course, in our vehicles. Air conditioning allows us to moderate the temperature in the spaces that we inhabit, and it dramatically increases our quality of life by shielding us from the harsh elements outdoors. Whether you are heating your immediate surroundings or cooling down your home during a heat way, climate control, specifically your car air conditioning, can help with a far more comfortable drive.

While you may take the benefits of air conditioning for granted, it is also worth looking a little bit deeper into the some interesting facts about air conditioning, its history and how it helps to make your life a little bit easier.

  1. Hay fever, be gone – Each and every year, hay fever sufferers around the globe rely on air conditioning units in their cars, homes and offices to provide them with relief from their (sometimes debilitating) seasonal allergies. By filtering the pollen from the outside air and allowing people to close their windows in the heat, climate control, or AC is a godsend for many.
  2. Utilising your car’s air conditioning system does not cost you more money – It is certainly true that some older cars do use more gas when AC is in use, but opening your windows will also cost you. Open windows create drag on your vehicle, and this increases your petrol consumption. In addition to this fact, it is also advisable to use your AC system at least once per month in order to ensure that it remains lubricated, saving you from costly repairs in the future.
  3. Air conditioning changed the US forever – Prior to the advent of widespread air conditioning technology; most of the United States’ population was clustered around the Northeast. AC allowed states like Nevada, Texas and Arizona to become economic powerhouses in their own rights.
  4. Packard changed the game – In 1939, the American luxury car brand Packard was the first manufacturer to include air conditioners in their models sold to the public. This would prove to pave the way for the industry standard of the present, as it is almost impossible to imagine sports cars, SUVs and luxury sedans without an AC option.
  5. Don’t fret if you see a pool of water under your car after using your AC
    A puddle of water beneath your car can at times be cause for concern and worry, but if this occurs (particularly under the passenger area) you shouldn’t be alarmed or concerned. This is normal – water is simply dripping from the air conditioning evaporator, preventing evaporation from building.