How to tell if your car aircon unit needs some work

7 Things to Consider As A New Driver

We at Cool Car are aware that your  car airconditioning may not be an instant priority when learning the ins and outs of  a car as a new driver on the road. It’s okay…we understand…

It’s only when you’ve been driving for a while and got a bit of experience under your belt that you truly begin to appreciate your car and what makes it run smoothly on a daily basis. Oil changes, tyre changes, air con regas, M.O.T’s and services are all learning curves that will come sometime after you’ve passed your test.

So for new drivers, the most important part (for now) is to minimise driver distractions in order to maintaining control of your vehicle.

We’ve drummed up a few pointers to help you (the new driver) to keep in control and prevent collisions.

#1 Buckle up

First things first; before you start moving you must of course put your seat-belt on and ensure you passengers do the same. If they refuse, don’t hesitate to refuse to drive them – after all, if anything we’re to happen, it’s your responsibility as the driver.

#2 Ten-to-two

It’s that age old thing that every driving instructor starts off with – your hands should be at ‘ten-to-two’. And although we all see those experienced drivers handling the wheel with their thumbs (or their knees!) you really need to keep this is mind with the amount of driver distractions that take place inside vehicles nowadays – takeaway drive-thrus, mobile phones and other devices, mp3 and CD players, sat-navs and of course other passengers: make sure your mind is still on the wheel.

#3 “Txt bk!”

As an extension of our second point, we thought it best to really drive this one home. DO NOT text and drive. If someone rings or texts you and you really must answer/read/respond, then you should find a safe place to pull over and do so. Don’t give in to nagging texts! When it comes to driving safety, they can wait until you have stopped and parked safely.


#4 Are you sitting comfortably?

Something else we learn to do as soon as we get in the car – adjust your seat and check your mirrors to suit you. However, after we gain a bit of experience we tend to do these things as we’re moving – especially if we’re in a rush. You should however, make time for this practice and don’t get out of the habit of checking everything’s adjusted just right AS SOON AS you get into the car.

#5 Blame it on the weather-man:

We’ve had some pretty stormy weather to contend with here in the UK recently. But wherever you are in the world, make sure you slow down in any poor or extreme driving conditions: ice, rain, sleet, snow and fog all require that bit more of your attention as a responsible driver.

#6 Don’t rush

Again, a bit of a no-brainer, but so important. Speeding significantly shortens your reactions times and increases crash severity. The energy released in a crash more than doubles just by increasing your speed from 40mph to 60mph.

#7 Don’t drink and drive

Of course, don’t get behind the wheel if you’ve had a drink – equally, don’t become a passenger of a driver who has had a drink.