Aircon in Cars

a car aircon control

Aircon in cars has become a fairly standard feature that now comes with most vehicles. Aircon in a car can make a real difference to the inside temperature, which is especially helpful when you are making a long journey on a hot day.

I think it is fair to say that we all take aircon in our cars for granted and just expect that it will work forever with no maintenance needed. Unfortunately, this is not the case.  Cool Car are a Midlands based aircon car specialist with over 25 years experience in the air conditioning industry.

We provide aircon car services and repairs to the public and trade. We offer a completely mobile service which means that we can come to you to service your aircon in your car or you can bring your vehicle to us, whichever suits you best. However, if you bring your vehicle to us then you will receive 10 % off your final aircon car bill giving you a great saving. If you want us to visit you then one of our fully qualified engineers can visit you at home or even at work.

It is recommended that you have your car aircon serviced at least every two years. The reason for this is that over time gas will escape from your aircon car system and will need to have a regas or recharge. At Cool Car we offer an affordable aircon regas and recharge service from just £49.  We can ensure that your car aircon is working correctly as it should be.  Air conditioning systems are very rarely covered under warranty and if you have a problem and take your vehicle to a dealership then it is likely to cost you the earth.

At Cool Car  we pride ourselves on providing the best aircon car service there is in the UK and all of our team are fully qualified in every aspect of air conditioning, for all kinds of vehicles. We can repair aircon for cars, vans, trucks and also agricultural vehicles because we have access to the best parts and we have the best air conditioning knowledge thanks to our 25 years of experience.

So, if you are looking for an aircon car specialist in the many areas of the UK that we cover, to resolve a persistent air conditioning fault that you may have or simply for an affordable aircon car service, then you should give us a call. At Cool Car we can take care of any aircon car problem you may have, from replacing parts, regas and recharge to diagnostics and fault codes. Unfortunately, with most cars being mainly electrical now, fault codes and messages are becoming more and more common. Some of our technicians can diagnose the fault for you and also reset the fault code for you.

When it comes to your car aircon it is best not to take any risks. Whether you have a problem or not, you should call us to get your air conditioning checked at Cool Car. We will service your aircon car system, which we recommend you have done every 12 months to keep your air conditioning working to the best of its ability. So, go ahead, call us now and let us keep your aircon car system working perfectly.

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