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Cool Car is an air conditioning specialist in the UK with over 25 years experience in everything air con, including aircon recharge, air con servicing and repairs.

Started in 1988, we have some of the most highly skilled air conditioning experts in the industry. The skills and knowledge we have learnt in our 25 years of trading has made us a leading force in the aircon recharge, servicing and repairs industry. There is nothing that we at Cool Car don’t know about air conditioning.

Air conditioning has become a must have in all vehicles, from cars, trucks and vans to agricultural vehicles. However, the repairing of a vehicle’s air conditioning can be an expensive cost if you do not keep the maintenance of your air conditioning system up to date. We often forget that our air conditioning needs servicing as often as any other area of our vehicles to keep it working correctly.

Auto air conditioning systems consist of six main parts; condenser, receiver, dryer, compressor, expansion valve and an evaporator. All of these parts need to be maintained to ensure that your air conditioning constantly works as it should. It is a fact that over time your coolant will leak out from the air conditioning system, regardless of how much you use your air conditioning. A system can lose between 10 – 15 % over the first year alone which means that your system is not working to its full potential.

In order for you to be able to combat the issue of leaking coolant, we recommend that your air conditioning system receives an aircon recharge at least once every two years to ensure that the coolant is constantly topped up to give you the best temperatures. Unless you have a severe leak in your air conditioning system then an aircon recharge every two years should be plenty to keep your system working.

As well as aircon recharge or aircon regas, we recommend an air conditioning service every twelve months to keep your air conditioning system working as it should. In addition to  needing an aircon recharge, air conditioning systems can need to have seals and hoses replaced over time as these mechanisms can seize and damage the working of the system. We offer this service as part of our expertise and more importantly we offer reasonable prices.

When we have customers visit us to tell us they are experiencing a problem with their air conditioning system it is often because they have never had their air conditioning serviced and they were not even aware that their air con needs to have an aircon recharge on average every two years. As experts in our field, we offer helpful advice and tips on using your air conditioning system and getting the most out of it. Our aircon recharges are competitively priced from £49 and you will struggle to find a company that can offer you a better service than Cool Car.

As well as you being able to bring your vehicle to us for an aircon recharge, we can also come to you.

So, if you have never had an aircon recharge or service then you should contact us today and book an appointment for one of our technicians to carry out an aircon recharge.

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