Aircon Regas

At Cool Car we supply a mobile car aircon regas servicing and repair service at reasonable and affordable prices.

We have over 25 years of experience in the air conditioning industry and we employ only the highest qualified engineers to be part of our team. We offer a variety of services from a professional and experienced team.

    • Mobile Call out to your home or work
    • Re-charge aircon for cars, vans, trucks and agricultural vehicles.
    • Leak testing & fault diagnosis
    • Repairs to  aircon systems
    • Aircon parts fitted
    • Fault code diagnosis and reset (not available everywhere)

These are just some of the services we offer in the UK on a daily and weekly basis.

If you are looking for an air conditioning service company to arrange your aircon regas then Cool Car can arrange that service for you. We can come to you at your home or even at work to carry out an aircon regas. Ensuring that your air conditioning is working correctly is really important as it can become a costly problem if you let a small issue, such as aircon regas, get worse.

Keeping the maintenance of your air conditioning system up to date on your vehicle is really important and does not need to be expensive either. At Cool Car we offer an aircon regas service that is affordably priced from £49 but if you bring your vehicle to us then you will receive a 10 % discount off the cost of your aircon regas. All of our team are friendly and professional and we give only the very best air conditioning service in the United Kingdom.

Aircon Regas

It is important to have your aircon regas checked at least every 12 months as it is estimated that at least 10 % of gas escapes from your air conditioning system every year. With all cars manufactured within the last 5 years or so, air conditioning systems are now fairly standard. You won’t realise just how important your air conditioning system is to you until it is no longer working and you’re having to drive around in a hot, sweaty car.

Your aircon regas should be done every two years as standard so why not get your air conditioning serviced by Coolcar every 12 months to lower the cost of having to have your air conditioning repaired or parts replaced because you didn’t have your aircon regas carried out when you should have done. Air conditioning repairs can prove to be very costly so it is advisable, and a great saving, if you take care of your air conditioning system from day one.

You can contact us today and we will arrange for the next available appointment for you to have your aircon regas carried out by one of our qualified engineers. As specialists in the air conditioning industry, with over 25 years experience, we pride ourselves on providing the best local air conditioning services and repairs. So, if you are looking for someone to take a look at an air conditioning problem you have been experiencing or you want to book an appointment for an aircon regas, you should contact us today. We will arrange to come to you or for a 10 % discount you can come to us.

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