car airconditioning

As cars become more and more advanced, so do their air conditioning systems.

At Cool Car, we can service and repair any kind of auto air conditioning that a vehicle may have, from the very basic to the most expensive and complicated.  We can take care of anything.  Climate control systems are increasingly popular in newer vehicles.

Advanced air conditioning systems allow you to ensure that your car remains at the a pleasant temperature.  But, like anything, the more frequently you use your air conditioning, the sooner it will need servicing.

The reason that auto air conditioning requires recharging is because the vehicle’s air conditioning system can lose up to 15 % of its coolant every year. This means that you could have used up most of your vehicle’s coolant by the time it’s 3 or 4 years old.

Another reason for servicing your auto air conditioning system is that over time parts of the system, such as seals, are prone to seizing . When we service your auto air conditioning system we check the following:

  • All parts are working correctly
  • The seals are still in good condition
  • There are no leaks
  • That all hoses are working properly
  • That the coolant level is okay and if not recharged

If you take your vehicle back to a dealership for its regular service then the only auto air conditioning check they do is to switch it on inside the vehicle to check it comes on and that the temperature is cool. Other than this a dealership will not carry out any further checks on your auto air conditioning system unless you ask them to, or more importantly, unless you pay them to!

Our auto air conditioning services are aimed at not only keeping your auto air conditioning in tip top condition but also to keep your future costs down. If you do not service your auto air conditioning system then over time your hoses and seals will seize and your coolant system will empty and eventually fail. To then repair and replace all of these parts will cost you far more than just a general service or recharge would. It is far more cost effective to have your air conditioning serviced by Cool Car every 12 months to prevent this from happening.

Call us now and book one of our highly qualified and professional technicians to service your auto air conditioning system. We can come to your home or even your place of work. However, why not save yourself even more and bring your vehicle to us and we will give you 10% off.

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