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Car Air Conditioning For Visibility In Bad Weather

Air conditioning has become a modern day essential in vehicles today. With changing weather
conditions and frequent bouts of hot summer days, air conditioning not only provides interior
comfort but it is also a safety feature, keeping the driver alert and able to concentrate.

Car air conditioning can also be utilised in bad weather conditions. Rain, snow and fog produce a
great deal of humidity. Steamed up windows, while travelling, can create a major visibility problem

Air Conditioning Function In Bad Weather

Even if it is cold outside, turn on the air conditioning with the windows closed and the windscreen
de-mister control engaged. You car air conditioning system can work in conjunction with the
vehicle’s heating. Warm air will be circulated more quickly and it will take far less time for your
windscreen to de-mist than with just the heating system alone. Air conditioning will decrease the
humidity levels inside the car, quickly reducing condensation build-up on cold windows.

Do not attempt to drive your vehicle until all the windows are fully de-misted, allowing total

615255_d5a46069Bad Weather Tips

When travelling in harsh weather conditions, it is advisable to consider the following:

• Don’t speed. Road conditions change during bad weather. Take it easy and slow down. Even with
modern 4x4s you never know how slippery the road surface is going to be or if you hit an
aquaplane unexpectedly.

• Stay further behind the driver in front of you than you normally would do. Allow for emergency

• Ensure that wipers and air conditioning are working correctly and that the windscreen washers are
topped up. Before any journey in bad weather conditions, it is recommended that you control your
tyre pressures before setting off.

• Bad weather doesn’t just occur in the winter. Summer storms are becoming more frequent and
also produce poor air visibility and density. Air conditioning can alleviate the symptoms of
asthma and hay fever allergies during the spring/summer period. Winding up the windows and
engaging the air con will help purify the air in the car’s interior.

• Air conditioning eliminates the humidity levels in your car, clearing your windscreen and
surrounding windows to improve overall visibility.

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