Car Airconditioning Problems? Detective Cool Car to the Rescue!

A good comparison of the work and investigation that goes into car airconditioning repair is that of a detective’s duties. A car airconditioning unit may begin to start acting up with no initial warning signs – it’s at this moment that you need to seek a professional who is experienced and skilled in car AC repair. Bring in inspector Cool Car!

You see, leaks may severely damage a car airconditioning system by causing the condensers to get clogged, refrigerants to get extremely low and possibly even compressor failures. Of course there’ll always be those little problems that are easy for a car owner to fix on their own, but most will require the assistance and expertise of an auto technician. The majority of the time, special tools will be needed depending on type and exact area of the repair and it’s likely the owner’s manual lacks the vital clues that will solve the case.

Important elements that professionals must be familiar working with are refrigerant, compressors, condensers, evaporators, dryers, expansion valves, orifice tubes and accumulators. Expanded knowledge of such mechanisms involved in the air conditioning system is an absolute must.

A skilled AC detective will also house the knowledge to search and locate leaks without going through the process of pulling out certain parts. They are also very educated in fuses, switches, and fan belts; all relating to the repair of any and all car airconditioning units.

Generally, although auto parts can be very expensive, so can a botched-up, do-it-yourself air conditioning repair job. It’s definitely worth your time and money to call the professionals when the air conditioning in your car fails to work properly.

Being a responsible car owner is very important to the life of your vehicle, and maintaining your air conditioning system is certainly no exception. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, you want to take care of it and keeping your favourite auto service centre in your phone goes without saying so that when your car begins to act up, taking it to the professionals is the first thing you do.

Having the right professionals at your fingertips is just one important component to being a responsible car owner; the fact that they can provide their customers with onsite service in their immediate area is another. Having the knowledge to work on any make and model of car is their responsibility and Cool Car certainly do not take their knowledge lightly. They are just as proud of what they can do as their customers are, and keeping clients happy and coming back is the most important ‘to do’ on their list.

So take advantage of the best auto detectives in your area and don’t let car airconditioning problems go undetected!

Simon Parker

Director & Partner of Cool Car Limited. Owners of and