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At Cool Car Air Conditioning, we offer one of the best car air conditioning services there is! We started our business in 1988 and have over 25 years experience in the car air conditioning recharge and service industry.

Our team of technicians and engineers are all fully qualified and know all there is to know about the car air conditioning service. We offer a professional and friendly service, whether that service is you visiting us or us coming to you, either way the service you receive will keep you coming back.

We know that to make a car air conditioning service business a success we have to rely on our reputation. We have spent 25 years building a reputation for providing the very best car air conditioning service and car air conditioning recharge service on the market. We build relationships with our customers through our friendly and thorough service which ensures that when they need a car air conditioning service, not only do they come to us but they refer others to us. There is no better advertisement for a business than word of mouth.

Our website has a testimonials section where we house an array of customer reviews. All of the reviews give our car air conditioning service and car air conditioning recharge service the thumbs up! In over 25 years of trading, we have yet to have an unsatisfied customer which is testament to the service and customer care we provide to all of our clients. You really won’t find a better car air conditioning service anywhere else!

We all enjoy the luxury of car air conditioning, especially during the summer months when it can make a long journey in a car a pleasure rather than hot, sticky and uncomfortable. However, it is fair to say that most of us have very little understanding of our car air conditioning service and how it needs to be maintained and looked after. Most of us assume that car air conditioning requires no servicing and that it simply works forever. However, this is unfortunately not the case. Your car air conditioning does require servicing and at Cool Car we offer everything you need to maintain your car air conditioning.

Car air conditioning units are made from various parts but unfortunately they require a car air conditioning service. Over time, coolant does escape from the system and if your system does not receive a car air conditioning recharge this will continue to leak out until your air conditioning fails altogether. At Coolcar, we recommend that you visit us every twelve months for a car air conditioning service and at least once every two years for a car air conditioning recharge.

The leaking from the coolant is estimated to be as much as 10 – 15 % loss per year! This means that if you do not have a regular car air conditioning recharge to top this loss back up then your system will probably fail within the first 4 years. However, because of the hoses and seals that makes up a car air conditioning unit, if they do not receive a regular car air conditioning service these parts can seize up and cause expensive damage to the unit. Having a regular car air conditioning service and car air conditioning recharge will save you money and also ensure the longevity of your air con system.

As well as being fully equipped to carry out car air conditioning services and car air conditioning recharges, we are also able to offer an air conditioning diagnostic service and fault code reset service. Our team of engineers truly work hard and no matter how much car manufacturers change the science of their car air conditioning systems, at Cool Car we always have our fingers on the pulse and are at the top of our game.

So, if you need to book your car air conditioning service, have an air conditioning fault code reset or a car air conditioning recharge done, Cool car are the people to call! If it is more convenient then we can come and visit you at home or even at work to carry out a car air conditioning recharge or car air conditioning service. However, if you are able to bring your vehicle to us then we offer an amazing 10 % off. So, make that call today and get your car air conditioning service booked for as soon as possible! Save yourself money in the long run by maintaining your air conditioning at Cool Car.

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