Car Aircon Services in Birmingham

Our car aircon service in Birmingham now has a new franchisee, Dave Morris, who currently runs the Solihull area.

Dave has been running the Solihull car air conditioning area successfully for 3 years now, growing the business year on year until now wanting to expand into another, neighbouring area. He’s offering the same mobile car aircon services, including regas (recharge), parts fitted, fault diagnosis, leak detection and aircon repair, but now covering Birmingham, Solihull, Redditch, Bromsgrove, Leamington Spa and the surrounding areas.

For more information you can contact him here

At Cool Car we can also fit the aircon parts you buy, whether from our own online store of over 25,000 car air conditioning parts found here, or from elsewhere. We, Dave in Birmingham included, can come to you at your home, or place of work so no need to drop your car off and organise a lift, or sit and wait in a dirty waiting room. All our Cool Car franchisees aim to provide a courteous, punctual and professional service.

We have a growing number of franchisees, with more coming soon. And as Dave shows, the business is very profitable which is why he’s wanted to expand. With car aircon franchisees in many of the UK’s main town and cities including of course Birmingham, but also in Manchester, Liverpool, Reading, Northmampton we’re growing, but we need many more to satisfy the increasing demand for our services all over the UK. A demand that right now, we cannot satisfy.

For more information about our franchise offering, you can find out more here