How to tell if your car aircon unit needs some work

Summer is here! Get your aircon recharge today

At last, summer has finally arrived and long may it continue. Hopefully your car air conditioning is in good working order, and you’re sufficiently cool in the car. If not of course we can help. We have car aircon franchisees all over the UK offering a full, mobile car air conditioning service including an aircon recharge (regas), system vacuum, oil added, and system diagnosis as your home or place of work. We come to you.

Visit us at for our full range of car air conditioning services and prices, including aircon recharges. To find your nearest aircon specialist simply click here

We’ve been trading now since 1988, 25 years now offering this great range of car aircon services, with a growing number of qualified car air conditioning technicians all over the UK. We’re always on the lookout for more so if you think this is something you may be interested in, the see our franchise page for more information,

On top of all this, we’ve over at our parts site, over 20,000 car air-conditioning parts in stock for a huge range of vehicles, all brand new at heavily discounted prices. We’ve car aircon pumps, (otherwise known as compressors), aircon radiators or condensers as known in the trade, plus expansion valves, pressure switches and much much more. Many of our aircon pumps are £100’s cheaper than the main dealer for the exact same, original, brand new part, but without the added expense of paying the dealer for it. We buy thousands of parts each year, which is why we can offer them so cheaply and pass on the savings to you. For any parts enquiries visit our shop

So if you’re car air conditioning does not work, or is simply in need of an aircon recharge (re-gas), one of our our technicians can visit you to try and find the problem, and in 90% of cases fix it there and then, sometimes you may need a part replacing if it doesn’t work, or leaks. But we can do that. Our technician are able to find, supply and replace many car air conditioning parts and repair your car air conditioning so you can be nice and cool again.

Give us a call today, we’ll keep you’re car cool at Cool Car