How Does Auto Air Conditioning Work?

An air conditioner relies on two main principles; capturing heat and releasing it.

When liquid is heated, it boils and changes to a gas – when the gas condenses, the amount of heat that has been captured is released.

It is this process that allows an air conditioner to get so much from just a small amount of refrigerant. The pressure on a liquid or gas affects both temperature and the temperature at which it boils and condenses.

An auto air conditioner moves heat by allowing a liquid to become a gas inside the passenger compartment and then returning the gas to liquid form outside the passenger compartment.

Regular maintenance of the auto air conditioning system ensures the longevity of the system’s life and reduces regular failure. Maintenance should include checking the interior for any leaks and ensuring that the lubrication level is intact. It is important to maintain the air conditioning system. Auto air conditioning systems should be checked at least yearly and if it starts to decline in its cooling ability before then, it should be checked and rectified.

Running the air conditioner once a week for at least ten minutes helps to maintain the gas pressure and prevents hardening of the hoses.
Auto air conditioning systems are cold and wet and make great breading grounds for bacteria and mould. If the air conditioner in the car makes a foul smell, it maybe infested with bacteria. It should therefore be cleaned regularly to avoid causing diseases and bacterial infections to the passengers of the automobile. Good quality air is very important especially for those who suffer from allergies or ailments like asthma.

Constant maintenance of auto air conditioning can prolong its life hence less repair or replacement bills. It also helps to consume less fuel when the air conditioning system is in great shape.

Air conditioning ensures fresh air and low relative humidity. For long distance journeys, the auto air conditioning helps maintain healthy fresh air thus preventing drowsiness for both the passenger and driver – this helps to ensure that the driver is alert and reduces likeliness of accidents.

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