How to drive slowly

How to drive slowly

Sometimes it is important to drive slowly. We may find that we are in a situation where conditions are so hazardous that we cannot do otherwise. This could be a snowstorm, or even such a hot day that even the car air conditioning cannot stop people from driving aggressively. It sometimes makes sense to drive slowly and get to your destination safely. But driving slowly is not as simple as it seems, and some things need to be taken into consideration before you take things slow.

First, forget preparation

If you have somewhere you have to be and conditions don’t exactly call for car air conditioning, avoid the danger that heavy snow can bring and just build in more time to arrive early. In other words, set off early and you should get there in ample time without putting yourself in danger. Too often, people spend a lot of time preparing for a journey rather than just getting out there quicker. Then, they simply drive slowly and avoid the issues that can make them late.

Assess those conditions before you hit the road.

This part is vital. You should be able to assess the conditions out there on the roads before you get into your car. The various weather conditions, including car air conditioning weather, still require as much assessment as you can muster.

For example, if there is truly heavy rain present, then you need to know how to handle heavy rain conditions. This is not as simple as it may seem. Visibility may be heavily reduced, and hydroplaning could be a serious concern. Make sure you know what you are up against before you get behind the wheel, and you are giving yourself a good chance of navigating those roads in a more positive and safer fashion.

This also goes for driving at night. It is very easy to make mistakes at night, simply because there is reduced visibility, even in well-lit areas. Bear this in mind, and concentrate on making sure your speed is slower than usual. Remember that a speed limit is a guide. Also, remember that the problem may not be you, but simply other drivers. Your alertness has to be at it’s best, and this is not always the case when you are driving at night.

Our final piece of advice about slowing down concerns blind corners. It is very easy to rush into a blind corner, believing that you will not face trouble. But so many people get into serious accidents because they have not assessed a blind corner adequately. This can lead to fatalities.

Avoid this problem by applying your brakes when you approach a blind corner. Treat a blind corner like any other hazardous road condition and you should be in a better position.

As with all situations where you have a certain degree of responsibility, driving can require that you lower your speed at certain times. In fact, reducing your speed is one of the best ways to avoid accidents.