How To Ensure your Car Air Conditioning Works Properly

How To Ensure your Car Air Conditioning Works Properly

Have you ever sweated in your car because of a broken car air conditioning system? Are you sure your car air conditioning works?If so, then you must know that sitting in the car without air conditioning in such a situation is unbearable. Most of today’s drivers use air conditioning in their cars. Its efficient functioning is one of the most important concerns of drivers around the world.

You can however maintain that your car air conditioning works properly with some important tips and maintenance advice. Understanding how it works and some practical knowledge about its parts will prove to be very helpful. You can avoid some big problems by just checking and maintaining some parts of your car’s air conditioning system. Instead of cursing it, you can actually take some action to do something about it. Let us see what you can do to ensure its working properly:

How to check if your car’s air conditioning is working properly

Following are some ways to check if your car’s AC is malfunctioning:

Check the leaks

It is very easy to spot the leaks, but not that simple to fix them. A fluorescent dye is often used with the car’s AC which help you to check the leaks. You will need yellow glasses and ultraviolet light to detect the leaks with dye. Ideally in a dark place use the UV torch and shine the light all over the condenser (right at the front of the car) and all alone the air conditioning pipework, compressor etc and look for a yellow glow. That’s the leak.

Ensure that the compressor is rotating

The compressor, found in the engine area is a pump like unit with a rubber belt going around it and 2 aluminium hose connections. There is a pulley and an inner hub, which rotates when electric clutch is pressed. If the AC and blower are on but the pulley is not rotating, it means that the compressor’s clutch is not engaged. You can often hear a click as the compressor starts and then stops. If you don’t hear or see this it could mean a variety of problems like bad fuse, wiring problem, a broken AC pressure switch or simply the car is low on refrigerant and needs regassing.

Check for other things that may be causing a problem.

The other problems that may be hindering the performance of your car’s air conditioning system include bad switches, blown fuses, lack of compressor oil, faulty belt, noisy compressor bearings and clutch plate.  Make sure that everything is alright. If you find any issues, it would be a good idea to get it fixed by professionals, such as Cool Car.

Check if the cooling is fine

If the air conditioning cools, but the cooling is not up to the mark, the problem may just be low pressure. This would just require the refilling of the refrigerant. However, overfilling the refrigerant may backfire and lead to decreased performance of your car’s air conditioning system and potentially blow the compressor.

These small checks from your part can save you huge costs. They give you a feeling of ownership of your car. However, if you think that the problem is sustained and cannot be resolved easily, make sure to get professional car air conditioning services.







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