Some important safety tips for driving

Some important safety tips for driving

There you are, screaming down the motorway, air-conditioning on, and enjoying life in your car to the full. Driving is one of the most pleasurable and engaging pursuits available to us, but we not always as safe as we could be. There are certain things you can be doing in your car on every journey that make it safer. This article will outline some tips.

One of the biggest problems is blind spots when you are driving. You don’t want to ruin your driving fun by having an issue with blind spots when you’re racing down that road. The only way to ensure that you have no issues with blind spots when you are driving is to make sure that your wing mirrors are do not show any part of your car at all.

This means that when you are looking at your wing mirrors from your driving seat, you cannot see any part of the vehicle. All you should be able to see is the outside world. This way, you can guarantee that no blind spots occur and therefore you reduce the chance of accidents. It’s a small tip, but many people do not realise that it is simple as that to reduce the potential of blind spots.

Another aspect that is really important to bear in mind when you’re driving is that it is very easy to be distracted by signs around you. Many accidents, small and large, happen because the driver is concentrating on the signs that he or she is seeing on the road. It is much more important for you to concentrate on your driving, and not the signs. Bear this in mind the next time you’re driving and you should be able to notice pretty promptly that there is a big difference between driving without looking at signs, and driving with the constant distraction of boards and symbols.

Music may be the food of…road rage

Another tip that makes more sense then you may initially think is the music that you play in your car could quite easily be affecting your driving style. People who listen to loud and aggressive heavy metal music, for example, do happen to drive in that style. If you are listening to slow-paced classical music, then your driving style will most likely be quite relaxed. This is not a joke, and people have noticed through studies and research that the music you play in your car directly affects your driving style and mood. If you bear this in mind the next time you play an MP3 file in your car that is a bit loud and aggressive, you will probably notice a difference when you replace it with some classical music.

Finally, although this next part is about an illegal activity it still bears talking about. Don’t turn your phone on before you set out to drive in your car. If you must have your phone with you, either put it out of reach or turn it off. Studies have shown that people who use their phone or are even distracted by their phone during driving will have reflexes up to 50% slower than normal. This has obvious implications for your safety and the safety of the pedestrians and other drivers around you. Don’t make the mistake of putting anyone else in danger, and leave your phone off or out of reach.

We all like driving in our cars, with the air conditioning on and the music playing, and an open road ahead of us. Just be aware that your car can be very dangerous if you’re not careful, and follow these few tips to help you bring more safety into your driving experience.