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R1234yf Car Air Con Recharge

We are now offering a R1234yf Car Air Conditioning Recharge all over the UK. From the start of 2013 it is compulsory within the EU for all new cars sold to be using the new car air conditioning refrigerant, R1234yf. Replacing the old R134a. For most people this is nothing to worry about right now, as it’s only affecting new cars, but, for the main dealers this is proving a problem as they are not equipped to regas (recharge) a cars air conditioning with this new gas, which in itself is very very expensive compared to R134a as well as requiring some new equipment to do the job. So, we can now here at Cool Car, offer a R1234yf Car Air Con Recharge via Dave our Birmingham technician to those in the UK requiring this service.

You may ask why the industry is replacing the refrigerant with R1234yf. Well it’s driven by environmental concerns with R134a found in most cars today, where simply put, R1234yf is more environmentally friendly. However, the introduction of this gas is not without controversy as Mercedes-Benz when testing the new gas said that it can cause explosions on impact as it is flammable. But then so is petrol. They have refused to use the new gas so a whole debate is raging about whether to continue with this gas or not so many new cars are still being sold with r134a while the argument goes on.

So, in the meantime, we can offer a R1234yf Car Air Con Recharge service if needed. Please contact Dave on 0121 369 2667 for more information or find his details here.