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Reasons Why Not To Get Your Car Airconditioning Recharge From The Tyre Dealer

We see this all the time, a customer sees an offer for a car airconditioning recharge at their local tyre, fast fit garage, you know who they are, naming no names. They then either the same day, or a few days later call us as their air conditioning no longer works, or never did, so that customer has wasted their time, and money. Why?

At your expense you take your car to them for this car aircon recharge or service, or regas if you want to call it that. So you’ve spent time and fuel getting there. Then you have to sit in a dirty waiting room while they service your cars air conditioning. This is what they do, they open your bonnet, they wheel out this big machine, connect the charging hoses to your cars air conditioning system and leave it. The trainee mechanic or whoever they use then goes to do something else, working on someone else’s car. While you think they’re working on yours, after all, you’re paying for it.

After a while that mechanic, probably with zero car airconditioning experience or knowledge will go and check on it, and then either let the machine continue to do it’s thing, and recharge the aircon, or come and tell you they can’t do it. It’s leaking, or not working. But they don’t know why it’s not working, it maybe from lack of gas, but they can’t check that because they can’t get gas into it, because it seems to have a leak, but they don’t know where the leak is. This is when they tell you to ‘go and speak to a car air conditioning specialist’. Then our phone rings.

The reason they don’t know why the system is not working is because they don’t have the knowledge, or experience on what to check. Is it the compressor, has it seized? Is it the pressure switch? The fan? Electrical problem? Not enough gas? Who knows. And if it’s leaking, where is it leaking from? Condenser? Pipe, seals?

The reason we’ve been in this business, successfully for the past 25 years is because we care about our customers. We have a growing network of qualified, experience, car airconditioning engineers who come to you, at your home, or place of work, so no need to sit around waiting in a dirty waiting room, you can carry on doing what you were doing. And if the aircon is not working, we can tell you why, and if it’s leaking we can tell you where it is leaking from, because we but UV dye in the system so we can physically SEE where it’s leaking from. Then we can arrange for it to be fixed, repaired, again at your home or place of work, usually, and even bring the necessary parts with us although they can be bought from our online store of over 25,000 car airconditioning parts here

And how much does our service cost? Around the same as you pay to take your car to the local tyre dealer / fast fitter. Why would you do that? There is an alternative of course, and recharge your aircon yourself buy buying those little gas canisters of refrigerant from a car parts store, they cost around £35, but you may need 2 of them, your aircon may still then not work. And Cool Car is much cheaper than that anyway.

So if your car airconditioning is not working, give us a call or drop us an email. After all, we’re here to keep your car cool.