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The Benefits Of Using Car Air Conditioning In The Winter

Car air conditioning is indispensable during the warmer summer months. It cools down the air
inside the car and keeps the driver comfortable and alert.

However, air conditioning can also be a beneficial feature during the cold winter months. Here are
the main reasons why regularly switching on your car’s air conditioning system in the winter is a
good idea.


The last thing you want to do on a cold winter’s day is fill your car full of cold air. However, you
can use your air conditioning system in conjunction with the car’s heating system. Not only will it
heat your car more efficiently, the air conditioner will dry the cooler, damper air in your car and
help to quickly de-fog your windows. This is also a safety issue as you will have much better
visibility without your windows constantly steaming up.

Less Maintenance Issues

Regular use of your car’s air conditioning system will keep it working better. It prevents the build-
up of mould and bacteria which can result in musty, unpleasant smells.

If your air conditioning is regularly ticking over, all the parts will be utilised and there will be less
need for expensive repairs.

It’s important that the pumps in your system keep turning as they’ll prevent the seals from

Car manufacturers recommend turning on the air conditioning system at least once a week on the
coolest setting for about 10 minutes. This will help circulate the refrigerant which in turn helps to
lubricate the compressor; then turning the heating up to the highest setting will dry out the tubes and
prevent the accumulation of moisture and bacteria.

Cost Effective

In the long term, using your car’s air conditioning during the winter could save you money. If all the
parts are working properly, you won’t have to spend money on costly repairs. If you never use your
air conditioning during the winter, it will work less efficiently during the summer when you really
need it.

Many drivers open the windows or sunroof to de-mist the interior. Not only will this force the
heating system to work harder, the drag on the vehicle will consume more power.

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