How to tell if your car aircon unit needs some work

Top tips for keeping your car airconditioning in working order

The car airconditioning in your vehicle is one of those things that are really easy to take for granted. You might not give it a second thought as you go about your everyday business, but as soon as you start to experience problems, you’ll certainly notice the impact! A sweltering car on a summer’s day when you have a long journey to contend with is a nightmare situation for drivers, and it’s something that you’ll really want to avoid. Thankfully though, there are certain things you can do to make sure your air conditioning is in full working order at all times. Here, we show you how.

Recharge your system in line with manufacturer recommendations

Most car manufacturers recommend that your air conditioning system is recharged with gas and lubricant at least every two years. If the system isn’t fully recharged, it will stop the engine from running at peak efficiency, which can in turn drive up your fuel costs. The problem here though is that most people neglect this important step, because they don’t realise that it isn’t part of a usual car service. If you’ve had your car for over two years, it’s probably time to get that seen to. You could notice a big difference in how the car airconditioning system performs after a service.

Keep your car clean and dust-free

Dirt and dust from inside your car can block up the parts of your air conditioning system, and the build up of bacteria can sometimes cause a really unpleasant odour in your vehicle. As well as this, clogging up the system can obviously cause it to be sluggish and less effective than usual. The solution here is pretty simple. Just make sure that you hoover your car on a regular basis, and clear out any clutter. Not only will this prevent problems with your air conditioning, it’ll also make for a much better driving experience on a day-to-day basis!

Wind up your windows

On those baking hot summer days, it can be tempting to wind down your windows to let in a bit of extra fresh air. When you have your air conditioning system turned on though, you should avoid doing this. It will reduce the effectiveness of the system, and ultimately, could end up costing you more in fuel. Choose to either have your window wound down or have your car airconditioning switched on, but never go for both at the same time!

Consider regular services

Sometimes, there are quick fixes that you can take advantage of that can help you to get rid of any problems that you’ve had with your air conditioning. Of course though, prevention is always better than cure! Having a professional carry out a thorough check and then take care of any necessary repairs can really put your mind at ease and help to ensure that you don’t experience any unexpected problems before a big journey. Most reputable firms will be happy to carry out the service at your preferred address, and with the least possible amount of fuss, so it’s really convenient too. Why not arrange your service as soon as possible?

Make sure that you take this advice onboard, and you should experience hardly any problems whatsoever with your car airconditioning system. The next time you get in the car for a long journey and feel the benefit of the cold air circulating around your vehicle, you’ll be extremely pleased that you took some savvy steps towards keeping the system in peak working condition!