Cool Car Van

What do people love about their cool car?

As Freddie Mercury once crooned: “I’m in love with my car, gotta feel for my automobile.” There is no denying it – some people love their cars even more than they love the people in their lives. Everyone loves a cool car. Giving your vehicle a name, talking nicely to your car when it is acting up (or doing well), lavishing your bonnet with hot wax treatments – if this sounds familiar, you may also be a tried and true autophile.

This begs the question – what is it exactly about our cars that makes our heart skip a beat? See below for three different (yet complementary) theories that help to explain what it is that people love about their cars.

The Psychological Perspective

Psychologists argue that those of us who love our cars are simply transferring emotions normally bestowed on other people to this important object in our lives. After all, our cars are often one of the most expensive and useful objects that we own; we begin to see them as extensions of ourselves. As a result, we begin to give them a unique personality and individuate them in our minds – it is no wonder that we feel so strongly about our cars!

Your Cool Car – Personal Space in the outside world

Your car is your own personal, private space. This is a climate controlled safe space in the wider world; a little piece of your own home out in the chaos and hectic nature of the city. We can decorate our cars exactly how we want and make them an island of comfort perfectly designed to our needs. Comfort, solace and individuality – these all inspire fierce feelings of possession.

The Practical Approach

While there may be a lot going on in the subconscious realms of our mind, there are also many practical reasons why people love their cars. They get us where we want to go, and if we treat them well and keep them in good running order they will reward us with transportation and reliability. Gleaming paint, nice cool air conditioning when the temperature rises, warming heaters when the weather turns chilly, comfortable seats and plenty of storage space in the boot – these practicalities can inspire a loyalty that borders on love for your car.

Whether you adore your cool car with a passion and give it a special pet name, or simply just appreciate it for the daily service that it provides for you and your family, the love for this particular inanimate object is completely understandable. No matter how you feel about your car, one thing is for certain – the better you treat your vehicle, the better it will treat you.