Why all car air con recharge companies are NOT the same

Why all car air con recharge companies are NOT the same.

So you get in the car, it’s hot, the seats are sticky, you daren’t open the windows otherwise you get gassed by exhaust fumes, the kids are tired and hungry and the traffic is crawling, so you put on the air con. Nothing happens. No cold air. Now what? Does the air con need a recharge? Is it working at all? We will explain below what most companies do to your air conditioning, and what we at Cool Car do that is different, and solves the problems you might be having.

This is the dilemma now facing many people as the warm weather starts to return and the air conditioning in the car has not been used all winter, so you come to turn it on and it’s not working. Where do you go to fix it and have it looked at? How much will it cost? Increasingly there are more and more companies that offer an air con recharge service, but is that what the car needs? What if the problem isn’t just a recharge, what if it’s something else, can that company tell me?

What is an air con recharge?

For those of you that don’t know an air con recharge is where over time the refrigerant in your cars air con slowly depletes, maybe through a leak in the condenser (air con radiator) or elsewhere or just naturally over time, as around 15% of refrigerant leaves the system each year. So over a few years you’ve less refrigerant (it’s a gas, known as R134a or more recently a newer one called R1234yf) and your car air con starts to perform not as it should.

Where do I take my car?

So you scour the internet maybe looking for someone to help, or you may see a local garage or tyre dealer offering a regas service. You can leave your car at a local garage to look at it, or that tyre dealer who now do air con. But what do these companies do with your car? It’s simple, most of them have a big air con machine that they roll out and hook it up to the charging ports on your car, turn it on, and let it remove the old refrigerant/gas from your system and fill it again with nice clean refrigerant. If all is good then you have working air conditioning again. The machine should also do a pressure test, that tells you that your car’s air con is not holding pressure and you may have a leak, so they cannot recharge it. If they did then the new refrigerant would leak out and you’d be back to square one, having paid out some money first of course.

So if I have a problem with my air con, can they tell me what the problem is?

This is the big issue. Most garages using these machines can only either recharge the car and hope the air con works, or they can’t because either you have a leak and it’s not holding pressure, or something else is stopping it working. But what? They can’t tell you. The machine won’t tell them, that just says there might be a leak for example. Not where is the leak? Or what component is not working. Is it the compressor (aircon pump) not working, or the fan, or pressure switch, even just a fuse? If they do find the problem can they fix it or replace the part needed? The answer is usually no. Tyre dealers do not fit aircon parts. They cannot, usually, tell you where the leak is. Most waste your time, and money. Are the technicians there air con trained and qualified?

Here at Cool Car we often get calls from customers who have taken the car to be regassed and then told they can’t regas it as its leaking. Or even worse told that you need a new compressor for example at hundreds of pounds for the part when it’s not that causing the problem.

What would Cool Car do?

So what do Cool Car do that is different? On each and every car that we recharge or A/C service, we check for leaks. We don’t use some useless sniffer tool that says the system might be leaking for here, or there; we add UV dye to the system so if it leaks we can see where it is leaking from. If it needs a new part we can advise what that part is, and if required supply and fit it for you. All our technicians are fully trained in car air conditioning and hold all the required qualifications. After all, we’ve been trading for over 30 years now so we’ve a reputation to uphold. What’s more, we come to you at your home, or place of work, at your convenience.

So beware of where you take your car when you have an air con fault. Check if they can identify faults, leaks and problems and can fix those problems if needed. Otherwise what is the point? You end up spending money twice on the same thing.

Why not instead, just call Cool Car.