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Why it is important to get help only from licensed car air conditioning technicians

There are an increasing number of garages and workshops, but are all of them licensed to service car air conditioning? Many air conditioning technicians might seem professional but they don’t have the necessary licenses and certifications that confirm their expertise and knowledge. It’s illegal to work on a car’s air conditioning without the relevant qualification. When it comes to your car’s air conditioning system, it is very important that you always opt for a professional mechanic who has relevant certification and licenses. Always keep in mind that an air conditioning service should always be carried out by highly trained and qualified personnel. Mechanics should possess the necessary equipment and instructions before carrying out the job so that they can do it right the first time. All or our Cool Car air conditioning technicians are fully qualified and trained.

Many mechanics have several stories to tell about the hazards involved in handling and working with equipment and chemicals. Without the necessary knowledge and skills, mechanics can be prone to scarring, missing fingertips and burns. Many car owners have no idea how dangerous a/c service can be and therefore, it is imperative that you always ask your local mechanic for the necessary license and certification. Refrigerant oils and flush solvents can be harmful if not handled with care. What’s more, mechanics need to be careful with hot engines and removing parts, caution needs to be exercised if you are handling such components as well. Many mechanics simply use an aircon machine for regassing without any knowledge of how the system works, in many cases leading to poor compressor installation and invalidating compressor warranties because they did not follow the correct procedure in flushing the system. Many mechanics think a system flush is a vacuum. It’s not.

Different chemicals can create negative impacts when they come in contact. For instance, a running engine or furnace when exposed to an accidental venting leads to the development of decomposition products such as hydrofluoric, carbonyl halides and hydrochloric acid. When such compounds come in contact with extreme temperatures, they transform into phosgene gas. Such gases were popular back in World War I where they were used as a choking agent. It was the number one reason behind several chemical deaths. Generally, air is lighter than the refrigerant and it can displace oxygen, making it very dangerous when confined to a small space. Similarly, liquid refrigerant is no different since it can cause frostbite to eyes and skin.

Before performing any activity regarding the servicing of an air conditioning system, necessary personal protective equipment needs to be worn at all times. Furthermore, proper ventilation and precaution need to be taken wherever necessary. If you decide to service your car’s air conditioning system by yourself, then make sure you clearly read and understand the manufacturer’s direction so that you can get it done right.

Here are some general safety tips when it comes to servicing your automotive a/c system:

  • Make sure the area in which you are working is clean and clutter free.
  • Don’t forget to wear safety goggles before beginning with the servicing.
  • Keep the area in which you are performing the servicing properly ventilated.
  • Remember to closely monitor the high pressure side of the air conditioning system.
  • Don’t ever heat a refrigerant container.

Taking precautions before any servicing will ensure you are protected from unpredictable and potential harms. Remember, it is highly advisable that you opt for a mechanic who has relevant licenses and certification, such as those at Cool Car