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Join possibly the oldest car air conditioning franchise company in the UK! Operating since 1988

Cool Car is a British company based in the West Midlands, but with a rapidly growing car air conditioning franchise base covering Birmingham, Newcastle, Reading, Manchester, Liverpool, Northampton, Bedfordshire, Sutton Coldfield and many more on the way. We provide car air conditioning services to the public, trade, local garages and main dealers.

Some of our franchisees are so successful they run TWO areas.

We offer a MOBILE CAR AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE with fully qualified aircon engineers specialising in car air conditioning recharge (regassing), servicing, fault diagnosis, and repair of car, van, and agricultural vehicles’ car air conditioning systems throughout the UK.

We’ve been operating now for 35 years providing quality mobile vehicle air conditioning services to the public, trade and local businesses. Our experience and expertise together with the convenience and cost effectiveness of a mobile car air conditioning service is one of the main reasons why the public, trade and businesses from all over the UK enquire about our services.

Last year alone we had over 100,000 visitors to our website, looking for air conditioning specialists in their area. A demand we cannot satisfy at present as we only cover a small area of the UK. This demand for our services means that we are now in a position to expand our services nationally through a car air conditioning franchise network. We need franchisees now, all over England, Wales and Scotland.

You have the opportunity to earn over £60,000 per year.

You can read and download our brochure at the bottom of this page

Why a Cool Car air conditioning franchise?

Franchising is now the most popular way for people with little or no experience to enter into their own business. Some of the benefits for you include reduced set-up expenses, marketing assistance, ongoing support and a lower risk of failure, backed by a proven business model built up over the past 35 years, solely on car air conditioning. We’re not set up just to sell franchises,  we’ve been trading a long time. We turn down many applicants as we need to ensure our customer service reputation continues. Banks and building societies recognise that franchising is a proven and successful way to start your own business, and as such often have a dedicated franchise manager who will be more than happy to help with your business plans.

Why a Cool Car franchise?

  • It’s unique. We’re mobile. We go to the customer at home or work
  • Cheaper than trying to go it alone!
  • Your own google local business listing, which will appear FIRST page on google in YOUR area
  • We generate 1,000’s of calls for work for each franchisee via our website
  • We spend £1000’s each month advertising Cool Car online
  • We create enquiries from our parts site of over 50,000 A/C products
  • Over 100,000 visitors to our website last year; we cannot cope with demand
  • We provide all training and equipment required. Nothing else needed
  • Discount off all parts from our parts store at
  • Phone support direct with our lead engineers of 35 years experience: No one else offers that. Stuck whilst out on a job? Just call
  • Exclusive territory
  • Dedicated local phone number, diverted to YOUR mobile
  • Proven marketing techniques taught to help you gain more business

If you enjoy getting out and about, meeting people from all walks of life, and work from home, then this is the business for you. The business is seasonal by it’s very nature. It is very busy in summer, so expect to work Saturday’s (Sunday’s if you wish) to keep up with demand. We’ll be honest with you, long hours apply in the Summer months, this is when you make your money. Spring and Autumn you can tick over nicely and Winter is quiet (relax, go on holiday). You’ll see from the chart below when you do most of your work.

It’s not uncommon to take over £1000 a day during the summer months

We want you to be part of this exciting, growing company in one of the UK’s fastest growing market places. That’s why we are offering Cool Car Air Conditioning Franchises throughout the UK. As one of our newest franchisees said

“I’ve made more money this week than in a month of my old job”

Working from home, Cool Car offers their customers a wide range of services offered at the customers place of work or their home address. We also offer discounts for people to bring their cars to us, but that’s a choice for you to make. The customer no longer has to visit the main dealers to get their car air conditioning problems solved.  Cool Car, and you, can do it for them for much less cost, and much more conveniently for the customer.

This is a great opportunity to work with an established car air conditioning company, with unrivalled expertise.  Look around, who else has such experience that we can pass on to you?

The marketplace:
All car air conditioning systems leak. Engines vibrate, causing the pipework and fixings to move, expand and contract, which can mean that on average a car will lose 10-15% of its air con coolant every year. This leaves the system performing poorly and therefore in need of an air conditioning service. That’s when Cool Car, or specifically a Cool Car air conditioning franchise comes in.

Over 95% of all new cars sold now have air conditioning fitted as standard. So ask yourself, when your car air con doesn’t work, where do you take it? Main dealer? Maybe, but expensive. Local garage? Possibly, but they more than likely ‘don’t do air con’, or perhaps they have someone who comes to them from miles away, who’s not that reliable and doesn’t have much experience. Again, that’s where Cool Car, and you, come in. You can provide that service for the local garage, or the customer will call us direct from our extensive advertising, in which case we pass on the business to you. Customers like convenience, so if you can go to them, at home or work, they are more likely to use you, and also you can cover a greater area, often county wide,  where a local garage only deals with people in the immediate area.

It is estimated that the Auto Air Conditioning market is the FASTEST GROWING area within the Automotive industry.

How much can I make?
A typical full air conditioning service costs between £59-69 depending on the car and location. Over a period of 12 months we estimate to do 4 services per day on average (based on the 3000 calls our Reading franchisee had last year), obviously more in the summer, less in the winter, giving you a total turnover of over £50,000 per annum for a 48 week working year. If you feel up to it, and it’s your choice, we can also train you to fit air con parts that need replacing, such as condensers and compressors, giving you even more income. Many companies don’t fit parts, they pass that on to others, you can too, but why waste the income from a very profitable extra business.

Come and join one of the most established and trusted car air conditioning businesses in the UK and share in our success, making you successful too.

Why have the air con serviced/regassed?

  • Not cold enough?
  • Windows not demisting?
  • Runny nose, headache?
  • Strange noises when A/C is on?
  • Your car air con system loses up to 15% of it’s refrigerant every year.
  • A poorly performing car air conditioning system can cause a build up of fungus, bacteria and other microbes growing inside the evaporator core, causing a smell, sometimes an allergic reaction and can lead to legionnaires disease.
  • Have your car air con system serviced every 18 months. It will say that in your car manufacturers service guide, yet when your car is serviced, your A/C system is never serviced. It’s an extra, chargeable item, but vital to have done.
  • A typical manufacturer car air conditioning service will cost you at least £100, plus you take the car to them.
  • A poor aircon system can increase your fuel costs as the air conditioning pump need to work harder

Want to find you more? We’ve lots to tell you about us and your prospects.

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