R12 to R134a Conversion

If you run an older car, usually from before 1991, then chances are it is still set up to run on the old refrigerant, a gas known as Freon, which we call R12. You cannot use R12 anymore, it’s illegal, so should your car use that refrigerant, then you would need to have the system changed to run on the more widely available R134a coolant, as used in 90% of cars on the road today. We therefore offer a R12 ro R134a conversion service.

R12 was phased out and made illegal in the 1990’s, due to it’s ozone depleting properties, and replaced with r134a, which itself is now being replaced with the newer r1234yf. However, r134a is widely available and much cheaper to use than the very new r1234yf so we would suggest converting your car to r134a.

All of our franchised, fully trained and qualified technicians are able to do this service, either at your home or place of work. It’s a fairly simple process involving changing the air con oil within the system to be able to use the newer gas, and also changing the valve ports used in recharging. We have kits available to be able to do this.

We charge £149 for the r12 to r134a conversion service, which also includes a full car air conditioning service so your car air con system will be thoroughly checked, oiled, leak tested and recharged to be up to date and working.

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