car air conditioning service

Car Air Conditioning Service

At Cool Car Air Conditioning, we offer possibly the most comprehensive car air conditioning service there is! We started our business in 1988 and now have 30 years experience in the car air conditioning industry.

Our team of qualified,franchised technicians and engineers know all there is to know about the car air conditioning service. We offer a professional and friendly service, at your home or place of work, all over the UK.

What’s covered in a car air conditioning service?

In summary, a full car air conditioning service includes:

  • Initial system test
  • Check system components such as hoses, belts, condenser, compressor, fans, electrics, etc
  • Check internal system controls, flaps, heating, etc
  • Recover any existing refrigerant from the system
  • Vacuum A/C system
  • Regas (recharge) A/C system with refrigerant to vehicle specific levels
  • Add A/C oil and leak detection dye
  • Leak test components
  • Full post re-gas system test
  • Update service records

Initially, we take a look at all the A/C components, looking for any obvious signs of damage or leaks, as there is no point spending time, and money, trying to recharge a car when you can tell it won’t work when done. Not only that, to recharge a car with obvious signs of a leak is illegal. You’re not allowed to release refrigerant into the atmosphere.

Once done, and all seems ok, we will vacuum the system, which removes all refrigerant, some A/C oil and moisture etc. We’ll leave the vacuum running for at least 30 minutes to be sure the air con system is empty. On completion, we can check to see if the vacuum pressure holds. If not, it’s a sign of a leak as air is getting in. In which case we would try and find the leak.

car air conditioning service

Assuming all is OK, we can then recharge the air conditioning system with new, clean refrigerant, whether that’s the older r134a or the newer r1234yf, and add some oil with UV dye so if there is a leak we can physically see it and advise repair cost.

After we’ve added the right amount of refrigerant and A/C oil we can start the car, turn on the aircon and make sure it’s all working as it should, and measure the temperature coming out of the air vents. Then we check the system again for leaks.

Prices start at £69 for our full car air conditioning service.

We also offer a more basic air con recharge from only £59

See here for our full range of services and prices.

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