What You Will Need for a Car Aircon Recharge

As you may well know, the main goal of a car aircon recharge is to provide all the services correlated with a car air conditioner. It simply means fresh refrigerant is added to the system while checking for possible leaks and general wear and tear. This process is called recharging.

Now, you can of course take your car to a professional for your aircon recharge, but if you can’t for any reason, there are many types of car aircon recharge products available on the market: all of which are available at an affordable price.

Before you start to recharge your air conditioner by yourself, you should make sure you are aware of the problems that can arise before-hand, get as much professional advice as possible and be sure to shop around for your products.

1 – Comma aircon cleaner: this aircon system deodoriser is used to remove bacteria and any other viruses and is available for all types of air conditioners used in cars. In less than 10 minutes it will remove all related bacteria and it’s available in many ranges at affordable prices.

2 – EZ chill aircon recharge: the cooling efficiencies of an air conditioner decrease at a rate of around 10-15% per year. This aircon recharge acid and moisture sealant helps to improve cooling and fuel efficiency by sealing in common air conditioning leaks in rubber hoses, O-rings and gaskets, increasing the life of your system.

3 – Help system cleaner, deodoriser & air freshener: with many properties this product cleans and removes the unpleasant smells caused by the contamination of the evaporator in the AC system while leaving the inside of your car fresh and clean smelling.

4 – EZ Chill Air Conditioning Extension Hose: an extension for EZ Chill car aircon recharge, this hose ensures that any difficulty that you may have reaching the AC charging points is eliminated. This means the person charging the system can do so while standing clear of hot or moving components on the vehicle making safety a priority.

5 – Aircon O-rings: the O-ring of an air con system can break down over time due to the gases that pass through – Located near the pressure valves of the condenser, these O-rings should be replaced as soon as they become worn to prevent a refrigerant leak – this is not good for the environment. O-rings are available in a wide range of different size and makes. You can check on the web and buy online and also check customer reviews.

Many other products are also available on the market – you can select according to your need. Please remember that DIY AC repair doesn’t always work and if in any doubt you should always speak to a pro!

Simon Parker

Director & Partner of Cool Car Limited. Owners of CoolCarAirCon.co.uk and AutoAirConParts.co.uk.