Keeping Your Car Airconditioning System Maintained – Even in the Winter

The auto air conditioning found in cars are very similar to the airconditioners that you would find in a home or office. In essence, the air conditioning system of a car is just a small version of a window air conditioning unit.

However, as technology has developed, a variety of different models and makes have been developed in the car air conditioning market – each new innovation providing a higher quality and more comfortable car cooling experience.

Car owners will know the importance of a car auto air conditioning system and the need to keep it maintained. After all, installing car air conditioning is great way to have access to pure, cool air when you are stuck in traffic in the sweltering heat. It will not only keep you cool and relaxed in the comfort of your car, but gives you access to quality air.

But what about in the Winter? Well, maintenance is key here. One important thing all drivers should know is that simply purchasing the latest model of auto airconditioning for their car and is not a means to an end – it is regular maintenance that keeps these systems running how they should – leaving it until next Summer simply won’t do.

Arranging for this regular maintenance, even throughout the Autumn and Winter months will not only ensure you always have access to the best quality air and the most reliable system, but will also go a long way to prolong the life span of the device, prevent refrigerant contamination and save on repairs bills.

For example, if you ever notice a musty scent coming from your AC vents or maybe you think the device is not working efficiently, you may be in need of recharge. Although you should get your AC system recharged every two years, an unpleasant smell coming from the vent is a dead giveaway that it needs servicing – the classic reason for any odour is mould and unfortunately moisture, warmth and darkness will create an abundance of it – and it’s no good leaving this problem to fester in your system until next Summer. No driver wants this air circulating around their car and this is where having your automobile air conditioning checked before any odours occur will work to your advantage.

Also, the coldest Winter months will bring you that age old task – and I’m sure you’ve already heard/seen/had photographs put under your nose! – de-frosting your windows! Not only does you auto airconditioning system provide cool air in the Summer, it runs alongside the heater when running the defroster in Winter to de-humidify the air. This helps eliminate moisture that freezes or fogs up your view from the inside. All the more reason for you to be vigilant with your AC system and get a recharge.

A recharge involves carrying out a number of checks and maintenance tasks that will ensure that your car airconditioning works to its full capacity and gives you the best possible performance when you need it most – rain or shine!

There are many ways car owners can have access to this niche service but as one of the largest and most popular car air conditioning companies in the UK, Cool Car Airconditioning continue to expand their franchise business, the top quality, high-tech servicing of your car AC is easier than ever.

Simon Parker

Director & Partner of Cool Car Limited. Owners of and